Our Unique Advantage

Patented Shrinkable or Custom-Fit Fabric that offers Protection during Transportation and Storage

At the core, AeroShield Covers products protect equipment against the forces of nature by providing the most advanced protective cover technology in the industry, conducting in-depth research on corrosion, and managing the entire protection process, start to finish.

Aircraft Storage Covers with Advanced Fabric Technology for Transportation and Storage Protection


Moisture, rain, snow, and sleet will not penetrate the cover. Our products have proven effective in all climates.


Anti-Condensating action – Moisture under the cover is pulled toward the outside of the cover via the capillary and moisture surface tension properties of the technology. Moisture is removed and relative humidity is reduced. Download PDF to discover more on how a breathable cover works.

“Green” Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)

Reduce corrosion by up to 95%. Effective on multiple metals. Majority of VCI is emitted inward toward the protected equipment. VCIs contain no nitrites, nitrates, or hazardous materials. What are Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors? Download PDF to find out.

Light Aircraft Cover

Less than 1.2 lbs per square yard. Even the largest vehicle covers can usually be installed by one person. When in extremely wet environments the covers do not retain large amounts of moisture or become waterlogged and harder to handle.

Custom Fit

Our made to order covers ensures a fit cover that is reinforced at all wear points. Access points are developed with customer desires. And the soft inside service aids in ease of installation and protects expensive paint surfaces.

Protect from Environmental Degradation

Protects from the ravages of UV rays, rain, snow, sleet, dust, wind, and airborne pollutants (ash, etc.) To maximize the protective coating’s life, download PDF to unveil the science behind the technology.

Durable and Reusable

Service life of 2-4 years even in the harshest environments. Can be installed and removed on a daily basis.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Additive

Remove moisture from products to reduce corrosion by up to 95%

The majority of the VCI chemistry is emitted inward to expose only the enclosed packaged environment to the VCI chemistry, allowing better control over metal passivating without wasting and emitting large amounts of VCI vapors.
The VCI in the adhesive is held away from the metal by the porous non woven allowing the VCI to volatize before it reaches the metal, thus producing the optimal application of VCI to metal.
The shrinking process heats the adhesive up to a level where it will emit 10+ times the normal VCI vapors. This charges the packaged environment with a vapor pressure at the time of shrinking versus minutes or hours later.

Without AeroShield

With AeroShield

Aeroshield SMART COVER Technology

When you need to know what’s happening under the covers

Corrosion can be deadly to expensive metal components. The industry “best practice” for controlling the humidity that causes corrosion is to add moisture absorbing compounds (desiccant) to the enclosed environment to reduce the moisture content of the air to acceptable levels. This practice is effective but requires labor-intensive manual checks and scheduled replacement of desiccant that may/may not have reached its full usefulness, or worse, has surpassed its ability to collect moisture and has allowed damage inducing humidity levels to occur. A more serious problem can result if the cover protecting the equipment is improperly installed or becomes damaged, resulting in a leak that allows humid air or rain water under the cover. This can result in an immediate increase in humidity or direct water contact that damages equipment long before the regularly scheduled desiccant replacement detects the problem.

The Aeroshield SMART Cover Solution:

  • Provides real-time humidity level data via low energy LoRaWAN connection good for hundreds of meters from the aircraft.
  • Data accumulated via local network can be stored in the cloud, allowing for remote tracking of humidity / moisture levels in multiple aircraft
  • Allows “max level” alerts to be sent via email to an individual or team that can immediately address issues
  • Provides ad hoc or regularly scheduled reporting of humidity levels of all protected units (sample shown below)
Chart Image